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Martin Boesch, Laura Lupini and João F. Machado (Ed.)
Yellowred on reused Achitecture
Mendrisio Academy Press – Silvana Editoriale Verlag 2017

on reused Architecture 

This publication collects a number of projects that show a capacity to rediscover in the existing building hidden potentialities, transforming them in opportunities for the reused building. Yellowred talks about the strategies, themes, ideas and advantages of extending the lifespan of an existing structure, which has become a widely diffused practice due to today’s global commitment for what concerns sustainability. On the other hand Yellowred looks at examples from the past, showing that reusing existing buildings has Always been part of architects’ concerns, for economic, social or cultural reasons.

Autoren / Authors

Matteo Aimini, Martin Boesch, Laura Lupini, João F. Machado, Federico Pompognoli